Need the tensiles of PC but also the fiexural of ABS ! Or perhaps, you are looking for a PMMA that also has the scratch resistance of ABS! Need a PP in pre-colored form with a UV and 30% Glasses Fiber packaging in it! These are just a few of the things we do in our daily schedule!!! Following compounds and blends are available :-

Glass/Talc/CaCO3 filled PP
Talk/CaCO3 filled PE
Glass filled ABS/PC/SAN/PS
Flame Retardant Compounds

These compounds can also be offered in the color and additive of your choice or we could recommend a suitable compound that has everything in it.

Many a times, one would just like to have a simple “ready to use” / “all in one package” designed as per their requirements. Its not easy trying to find a compounder who has the expertise to make the blend you’re actually looking for. Leave your worries to us and let us formulate it for you. We can offer the following:-

Color & UV
UV & Anti-Oxidants
Color & PPA etc

Over 50 Permutations and combinations are available. MEPL has the capability to provide a product bound to perform each time !!


Our off the shelf list of Compounds & Alloys (blends) include-

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylenes
Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamides
Glass Fiber Reinforced Polycarbonates
Glass Fiber Reinforced PBT
Glass Fiber Reinforced SAN
Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS
Mineral Filled Polypropylene & Polyethylene
Polymer Alloys such as PC + ABS, PC + PBT, etc.

All these products are available with glass fiber / mineral percentage in various combinations. Polymer Alloys are also available with the resin percentage in various combinations.
These products are available with optional packages such as – Pre-colored, UV Stabilized, Anti-Static, etc.
Our well-known compounds are –

MinoLene – Mineral / Flame Retardant / Glass Filled Compounds for Polypropylenes
MinoFil - Mineral Filled Compounds
MinoLon – Glass Fiber Reinforced Engineering Plastic Compounds
MinoLoy – Polymer Alloys and Blends